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Blog: Top Tips on Productivity

3 Teams Poisons & 3 Cures (Part 2)


Teams are built by the 3 Pillars of Team Success (Part 1).  They’re also destroyed by 3 deadly poisons.  These can surface at anytime in the life of a team.  Great teams inoculate with the cures before they’re infected and maintain a discipline … Continue reading

3 Pillars of Team Success (Part 1)


People frequently ask me to share the secrets to great teaming.  They want the perfect formula.  I want to deliver and here’s the secret.  Successful teams can be very different, but the good ones have mastered three keys to success. Successful … Continue reading

Is Your LinkedIn BAD PR?


LinkedIn is the place to find professionals and it’s got huge internet power.  In fact, your LinkedIn profile may pop-up before your primary website and create the all important first impression. Unfortunately, many advisors are not aware of default settings that are too important to … Continue reading