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Blog: Top Tips on Productivity

3 Marketing Rules & 3 Expert Tips


I follow marketing news, so you don’t have to.  Here are favorite rules and tips from marketing gurus.  Enjoy! Three Marketing Rules 1) Selling is Out:   People have been oversold.  They’re cynical and suspicious.  Traditional “selling” doesn’t work anymore.  It turns … Continue reading

How “Fluency” Delivers the Win


What the heck is “Fluency”?  How does it deliver the win? Fluency (a psychology term) indicates how easily people read, understand and interact with something.  The more something is fluent, the more we like it and judge it to be good. If it’s unappealing … Continue reading

Success Story: How to Inspire COI Advocates


I’ve been encouraging advisors across the country to talk to women who are centers of influence when they want to develop more business.  Stop telling & selling.  Ask for help. Women don’t mind asking for directions and we don’t mind being … Continue reading