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Blog: Top Tips on Productivity

Success Story: How to Inspire COI Advocates


I’ve been encouraging advisors across the country to talk to women who are centers of influence when they want to develop more business.  Stop telling & selling.  Ask for help. Women don’t mind asking for directions and we don’t mind being … Continue reading

People Prospect Like This? Really? (Enjoy a Good Laugh & 3 Tips)


We all want new business.  Sadly some are still prospecting old-school and bombing out. You’ll get a good laugh from these fumblers who killed their chances in 60 seconds. Read on for a laugh & 3 Tips. Sales Death by … Continue reading

Coach or Lead: YES!


Recently, I was privileged to work with a national team on leadership and coaching. Coincidentally, I received a sample assessment that’s supposed to measure a Leader’s ability as a Coach. I took it.  Guess what? If you’re a good Leader, … Continue reading