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Barbara Kay, MA, LPC, RCC

Barbara is a business psychology and productivity coach. She serves professionals, organizations and industry partners through coaching, consulting and speaking on topics including:

  • Productivity
  • Growth
  • Teams
  • Client Relationships
  • Change
  • Communication
  • Leadership
  • Women Clients
  • Women Professionals

Barbara has over 15 years experience coaching, writing and speaking, in addition to graduate and post-graduate training in Clinical Psychology and Coaching. Her publications include numerous articles and two books, The Top Performer’s Guide to Change and The $14 Trillion Woman, the industry’s leading work on reaching and engaging women investors.

Barbara is a speaking guest for regional and national professional and financial services organizations, industry partners and associations.

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What’s Different?

Many coaches and coaching programs teach specific topics, like business development or practice management. Often, clients get a prepared curriculum that everyone follows. This teaching approach is particularly valuable for those who lack skill or experience.

Our coaching will be completely different. It will be custom designed to meet your specific goals. It’s like having a personal-trainer for professional life.

What Expertise Do You Add?

My expertise is in behavioral psychology, performance and coaching. I consult for individual achievement and group success including: time, teams, relationships, communication, women clients, change, leadership and productivity.

What About Other Resources?

Clients are encouraged to bring all relevant resources into coaching. A key focus is maximizing resources, expertise and opportunities. This is highly efficient and accelerates achievement.

What Happens During Coaching?

Coaching sessions are generally an hour and follow this format:

  • Discuss Your Interests & Activity
  • Explore Successes & Challenges
  • Problem-Solve & Strategize
  • Decide Methods & Tactics
  • Select Specific Goals & Actions Steps

What If I Don’t have Time to Coach?

The usual coaching programs include a heavy load of homework. The client assumes considerable burden before there is any benefit. I don’t give homework. Instead, our coaching will focus immediately on making things better and easier, not harder. Clients choose the direction, the actions and the pace.

What Success Can I Expect?

Since each client gets a unique experience, success is measured by your specific results, satisfaction and desire to continue. The custom approach allows you to reach new successes continually for as long as you’d like. Even though most clients coach for years, I encourage new clients to start with a three-month plan. During this trial, you’ll experience the success and power of coaching, and have a much better idea of how you’d like to proceed. Of course, you can start with a longer commitment if you wish.

What Does it Cost?

The new client plan is $1600 for 3 months of coaching. We schedule up to two sessions per month based on your preferences.

What Happens if I Want to Continue?

You select your preferred pacing and duration from several options. If you have special interests, we can develop a custom plan.

What if I’m Part of a Team?

The custom approach allows individuals and teams to be flexible. You can coach independently or with others. It’s common for teams to use both individual coaching sessions and team sessions. We’ll design a custom plan that works best for your interests and the interests of your colleagues.

How Do I Start?

Contact me and we will set our first appointment. If you’re undecided feel free to request a complimentary consultation to explore your questions and interests.


What is Your Expertise?

My expertise is in behavioral psychology, performance and coaching covering multiple areas including: productivity, teams, time, motivation, relationships, women clients, conflict, change, coaching and leadership.

What Are Your Specific Programs?

It’s ideal to present a highly relevant program. The first question we address is “What topic is most relevant for the participants?”

Then the presentation is designed for the interests of the group. Of course, we can select a topic that’s in high demand, if there’s no specific interest in mind.

What Are Some of Your Topics?

The topics vary, some examples include:

  • The $14 Trillion Opportunity – Engaging Women Investors
  • Leading Teams – Developing Strong & Productive Teams
  • Outstanding Client Relationships – Inspiring Client Loyalty
  • Thriving in Change – Mastering Change Success
  • Relationship Rescue – How to Lead Clients Safely thru Volatility
  • Mastering Time – Key Time Techniques

How Do You Differentiate Between Speaking & Workshops?

Often clients ask for a speaking presentation of 40-60 minutes with concise delivery, practical application, and concrete takeaways, usually followed by Q & A. Typically, workshops are longer; include in-depth content and highly interactive exercises.

Do You Have Optional Additions?

Yes, most definitely. Clients can add more value with books, assessments or follow-up coaching. In addition, I fulfill client requests for articles, webinars and other forms of delivery.

Who Do You Work with?

I work directly with organizations and their industry partners, such as wholesale distributors, associations and media outlets. I’ve worked with a variety of professional and financial-services organizations including:

  • Delaware Investments
  • Deloitte
  • Financial Planning Association
  • Guggenheim
  • DraftFCB
  • IMCA (Investment Management Consultants Association)
  • Lincoln Financial
  • LPL Financial
  • Merrill Lynch
  • MetLife
  • SourceMedia
  • TD Ameritrade
  • UBS
  • Wells Fargo

How Do Clients & Participants Rate You?

The rankings show:

  • 96% ranked the presentations 5 out of 5
  • 98% stated they wanted to learn more
  • 100% stated that the presentations were current & timely
  • 100% stated that the presentations provided practical tips

Client feedback verifies the statistics:

  • “Your workshop was one of the most highly attended workshops of the national conference. We are getting great feedback.”
  • “You are on the top of our list for speaking at our organization’s conferences.”
  • “The sponsor booth was right outside the main stage room. Everyone came out raving about your presentation.”
  • “85% of the participants rated your presentation as the most valuable presentation of the entire conference.”


Speaking & Workshops

“I have worked with Barbara in a variety of situations, during my years at Arthur Andersen and at Deloitte, and in individual coaching. At Andersen, I participated in coaching workshops led by Barbara. In addition, I hired her to provide training in a variety of skill areas for global seminars. These workshops were highly rated and very popular.

At Deloitte, Barbara provided facilitation for a key team meeting during a time of great transition for the group. This meeting produced an enduring positive result.

Since entering academia, Barbara has continued to be a trusted, effective and wise resource. She really understands, has accurate and helpful insights, and offers valuable challenges and feedback.

In all of my experiences with Barbara, I have found her to be warm, energetic, trustworthy, and effective in all capacities in which we have worked.”

Lisa Toft, Learning Specialist

Individual & Team Coaching

“Barbara has worked with us since 2010. Her custom approach enables us to focus on what is most important for our business. Barbara’s coaching has given us focus, clarity, cohesiveness, discipline, structure and practical tactics. Recent examples include:

Strategize and Execute:

  • Firm strategic goals that saved us $60K this year
  • Delegate more effectively to staff to give us more time
  • Proactive and regular meetings with client prospects

Develop & Refine:

  • Effective dialogue for inspiring clients to bring referrals
  • Concrete and powerful value-proposition statement
  • Marketing focus with clear priorities and tactics

Barbara would be a valuable resource for anyone who believes that working on their business is just as important as working in their business.

Mark Autterson, CPA, PFS, CFP
J. Michael Winterscheidt CPA, PFS, MT

WIN Wealth Management

Leadership Coaching

“Barbara Kay‘s assistance was critically important during a time of restructuring in our organization.

She helped identify priorities, principles and best practices during our transition.

Her expert and experienced coaching was a great benefit to me and the entire organization’s productivity, efficiency and cohesiveness. ”

Anita Deyneka
Board of Directors: R.M.