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BLOG: Top Tips on Productivity

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Financial leader bucks the norm and speaks the truth about coaching!

  1. It’s NOT about telling clients what to do.  Skilled coaches don’t lecture – they probe.
  2. The best coaches engage clients in creating custom solutions
  3. Small tweaks can make a big difference

“Professional coaching….is NOT about teaching, but rather helping teams identify what it is they do well and where there are deficiencies. Not to get “new age”, but part is a guided self-discovery that helps advisors and teams reach conclusions on their own by asking questions. Sometimes a small tweak can have extensive results.”

So said, Shirl Penny founder of Dynasty Financial Partners, about the value of professional coaching for top advisors.  I couldn’t have said it better myself!

Tip of the Day

In the financial services arena many “coaching” programs are really training programs that teach a standardized curriculum.  When people inquire about my “coaching program” they fully expect me a lesson plan.

They’re often surprised when I share that true coaching isn’t one-size-fits-all program.  Coaching results are completely custom and based individual goals.  Everyone’s coaching is completely unique.  They don’t get a binder filled with instructions.

Then I ask if they have “coaching” program notebooks gathering dust on the shelf.  Almost everyone has at least one.  Without fail, they tell me how much time and money was invested in those binders that sit incomplete and poorly executed.

The key is not gathering more binders, the key is executing what will bring you achievement and success.  That’s the core of coaching and no pre-packaged curriculum can do that.

A coach is like having a personal-trainer for your professional life who will help you execute on your success.  It will be all yours and not like anyone else’s.

Resource of the Day

For goal-setting tools and articles on productivity visit :Resources


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