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BLOG: Top Tips on Productivity

6 Tips to Calm Clients in Volatility

The markets are gyrating.  We’re dizzy & confused.  So are your clients.  Below are behavioral psychology tips for keeping clients calm:

1) First, Calm Yourself:  Up to 90% of communication is non-verbal.  Clients will notice any anxiety you feel.  Watch your speed of talking, breathing & pitch of voice.  Rapid speech, quick & shallow breathing and a change in pitch signals anxiety, no matter what your words are saying.  Get your Zen on – before talking to any clients.

2)  Listen for Emotions:  Rationality is suppressed when emotions are high.  Listen for the underlying emotions (likely fear and/or anger).  Ultimately, you’re talking to the emotion that’s driving everything else.  Remember that anger is often a cover for feeling vulnerable or fearful.  Don’t get triggered by anger.

3) Acknowledge:  Make sure to acknowledge (verbally reflect a summary of what you hear).  Do NOT agree with anything irrational or false. You can acknowledge emotional concerns without acknowledging false assumptions. Until people feel heard, they will keep repeating and may escalate emotionally.

4) Normalize:  Normalizing an experience is a powerful psychological tool.  Share your knowledge of history and market fluctuations.  Honestly and factually put things into a bigger perspective.  Normalize the experience and the feelings.

5) Show Your Value:  This is exactly your value.  This is the moment you show why clients need a human professional (not a robo-advisor).  Doctors don’t diagnose or treat themselves.  They can’t be objective.  For the very same reason, it’s a bad idea for investors to diagnose and treat their own investments.  While attending to their feelings, show them the way forward.

6)  Be Prepared to Repeat:  Stress makes humans stupid (medical fact) and strong emotions will repeatedly trigger anxiety.  Be ready to repeat the calming process more than once per client.  You’ll be much less frustrated when you expect to repeat.  Remember the panic driven media plays 24/7.  Clients may need several rounds of calming tonic.  Remember, that’s your value!

PS:  Get support to maintain your own calm.  That’s the value of your Coach!

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3 Marketing Rules & 3 Expert Tips

I follow marketing news, so you don’t have to.  Here are favorite rules and tips from marketing gurus.  Enjoy!

Three Marketing Rules

1) Selling is Out:   People have been oversold.  They’re cynical and suspicious.  Traditional “selling” doesn’t work anymore.  It turns people off.

2) Attention is Rare:  Research shows we’re bombarded with 3,000 – 20,000 marketing messages a day, but only 12 make an impression.

3) Volume is Annoying :  People are overwhelmed with tasks and activities.  Just adding to the volume is unappealing.  Be targeted, personal and relevant.

Three Marketing Tips

1) Use Your 6.5 Seconds:  FCB, a top global ad agency, reveals we have 6.5 seconds to engage our listeners or they tune out. You have just enough time to entice interest.  After they engage, you can explain more.

2) Say it with Picture-Words:  Memory research reveals that pictures stick and concepts slip.  Case in point, Tom told me “I distributes large scale vehicles used in commercial environments”. After probing, I discovered Tom sells fire-trucks. Which would you remember?  Fire-trucks!  Use words that evoke a picture or experience.  They’re powerful & sticky.

3) People Want to Like You First:  Like-ability is huge. Too often we focus on expertise and forget that personal connection is important.  No one will care about our expertise, if they don’t like us first.

For more check out:Daily Ad Exposure Why is Everyone So Busy? FCB on 6.5 seconds  Made to Stick Model The Likeability-Factor assessment


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How “Fluency” Delivers the Win

What the heck is “Fluency”?  How does it deliver the win? Fluency (a psychology term) indicates how easily people read, understand and interact with something.  The more something is fluent, the more we like it and judge it to be good.

If it’s unappealing or confusing, we think “BAD”, no matter how good it actually is.

It’s important that prospects experience fluency with everything about you or the gut reaction may be:  I don’t like this, I don’t want this!

A new CRM search delivered this reality powerfully.  The most fluent won with:

  1. Fluent Presentation:  Pleasant & appealing
  2. Fluent Interactivity:   Easy & accessible
  3. Fluent Deliverables:  Relevant & practical

How easy, relevant, appealing and fluent are things your prospects and clients encounter?  Consider your:

  • Tag-Line
  • Website
  • LinkedIn Profile
  • Print Marketing
  • Prospect Initial Meetings
  • Client On-Boarding
  • Client Meetings
  • Client Communication

Refine to make as fluent as possible!

In case your curious, here’s what happened with the CRM. The most popular and robust CRM failed because all three fluency measures were awful.  The cheapest, with most relevant deliverables, failed because the presentation and interactivity were dreadful.  The winner, an upstart in the CRM world, has the most fluent presentation, interactivity and deliverables.

Fluency delivered the win over everything else.


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Success Story: How to Inspire COI Advocates

I’ve been encouraging advisors across the country to talk to women who are centers of influence when they want to develop more business.  Stop telling & selling.  Ask for help.

Women don’t mind asking for directions and we don’t mind being asked (it’s practical). One of my financial advisor clients did this with great success. Here’s what he did:

1. He asked 5 influential women COI’s to a meeting.  He also included his fabulous female client associate.

2. He shared his values and vision to serve women.  He was genuine about why he cared and what he does to help. 

3. He asked for their help in reaching more women.

4. He listened for 3 1/2 hours as they strategized on growing his business.

Big Results from Asking COI’s

One is introducing the advisor to all her friends who work at a large corporation.

An attorney is connecting the advisor to more influential COI attorneys.

Three women are planning a networking event for three different professional networks, featuring the advisor.

Another is nominating the advisor for an important role on local board, where his financial expertise will be highlighted.

All out of inviting a few women to a meeting and asking for their input!


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People Prospect Like This? Really? (Enjoy a Good Laugh & 3 Tips)

We all want new business.  Sadly some are still prospecting old-school and bombing out. You’ll get a good laugh from these fumblers who killed their chances in 60 seconds. Read on for a laugh & 3 Tips.

Sales Death by Wise-ASSumption

I was recently at a trade show with my husband.  As we walked the booths a vendor tried to differentiate himself with humor. He joked about my husband as the primary decision-maker and “owner” of the money.  BIG MISTAKE!

This poor soul made the wrong ASSumption.  I suggested that he might change his approach since nearly half of women earn more than their husbands and might find his jokes insulting.  His female partner shrugged and rolled her eyes apologetically.  She was clearly embarrassed for him and by him.

Sales Death by Obnoxious Elitism

Believe it or not, people still cold-call with aggressive, obnoxious elitism.  I got a call from a young man trying to prospect new investors clients.  I was curious how this young man was being trained to cold-call, so listened.

He talked rapidly about his investment offer and then aggressively asked the name of my advisor and my specific investments.  When I politely declined to reveal highly personal information, he launched into an elitist list of requirements to qualify for his great offer.  Since he didn’t want to waste his time or mine (really his), I needed to reveal my specific investments upfront.

I replied “Since, I won’t discuss my investments with a complete stranger, I guess our conversation is at an end.”  He quickly tried recover and re-engage me.  I felt bad for the guy.  Who in the world is training him to cold call like that?

A Good Laugh: Wow, such ineptness really makes us feel good about what we’re doing to reach new prospects.  Hope this gives you a good laugh and a boost to your day.

3 Tips:  Seriously, even good professionals may accidentally de-motivate a willing referral partner. Learn how several professionals made it hard to refer and 3 tips to help your advocates refer.  3 Referral Killers & 3 Referral Rescues (pdf)

Next Steps: We all (me too) need to make it EASY for advocates to refer. If you’d like to explore getting more referrals:  Contact Me


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