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Wiley ( an education resource for over 200 years offers high quality assessments. Below are sample assessment reports for individuals, teams and leaders.

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Assessment FAQs

Why do I want an assessment?

Assessments provide tremendous insight for individuals, teams and organizations. While optional, they’re highly beneficial.

What is the cost?

The cost of assessments vary by instrument. Most are priced between $50 – $75. I recommend Wiley assessments because of their high quality and convenience at a good price. Volume discounts are available for large groups.

How do I complete an assessment?

The assessments are completed online from any computer. The person taking the assessment will receive an email with instructions and link to the assessment. The completed report is delivered by email.

Why do you offer assessments?

I offer assessments as a service to clients. There’s a huge variety of assessments available, but many are not suited to business clients. Providing a relevant high quality selection is a valuable convenience.

Why Wiley?

Many assessment providers lock clients into exclusive agreements or require expensive certifications. Some are poorly designed with inferior methodology and unreliable validity. Wiley provides quality instruments that are user-friendly, reasonably priced and trustworthy.

How are the assessments used?

Most often assessments are used for individual coaching or as part of a custom workshop. They provide detailed insight and are a catalyst for dynamic achievement. In addition to the report, coaching and training deliver the added value of professional interpretation.

What’s the MBTI® and DiSC®?

These assessments are based on complex psychological theory and extensive research. The short answer is that they measure different things. The MBTI® measures fixed personalty traits. The DiSC® measures flexible interactive style. Contact me to discuss the details.

What about the other assessments?

Not all the instruments are based on the MBTI® or DiSC® theory. The assessments for team, listening, stress, diversity, career, culture, and time-management are distinct, each with it’s own methodology.

Do you benefit financially from offering Wiley assessments?

I provide assessments as a service, not for profit. Offering a professionally screened selection of good instruments saves clients time and assures they get quality. These are excellent tools to boost achievement for individuals, team and organizations.