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BLOG: Top Tips on Productivity

Clients Share Results – Wanna See?

Several clients recently reported results from coaching.  I’m completely thrilled and celebrate their success!  I can’t mention names in a public forum, but these are real results.

  1. Revenue up 30% since last year
  2. Planned & executed consistent quarterly client events
  3. A streamlined client service model to be more consistent & effective
  4. Eliminated excess tasks and increased efficiency
  5. Increased client service and staff support to clients
  6. Developed & executed proactive client communication plan
  7. Successful women client events with 90% of prospects requesting a meeting
  8. Instituted productive & consistent staff meetings
  9. Increased sales 6x over last year
  10. Increased recurring revenue over 1500% in 2 years (yes-over 1500%)

Some results are easily measured in dollars.  Others are disciplines which result in higher dollars.  We work on whatever is most important to each client and keep growing with every new level of achievement.

One client shared that coaching to streamline the practice has given the advisor lot more time and renewed energy to tackle new goals.  Yippeee!  We’re moving to new levels of growth with enthusiasm and energy!

Another client wanted to increase a specific sale.  We coached together on a new targeted sales plan.  The result, 6 times more sales in the first month, than all of last year.  Even better, the client loves the plan and is happy to execute.

That’s why coaching is so personal and custom.   The secret sauce is different for everyone.  Developing and executing the strategies that work and work for you is thrilling!

I’m so grateful for the support of my clients.  Custom coaching is highly individualized.  The results are unique for each person.  Whenever someone wants a reference, my clients are eager to talk about their results and enthusiastically share their achievements.  Thank you!

Tip of the Day:

It’s goal-setting time!  Below are 5 probing questions to consider as you pursue 2013 goals:

  1. What’s making me successful?
  2. What’s holding me back?
  3. What do I want to do more of?
  4. What do I want to do less of?
  5. Looking at the answers for #1 – #4, how am I going to do less of #2 and #4 more of #1 and #3?

Resource of the Day:

I talk with advisors all around the country about productivity.  Over the years,  I’ve noticed certain challenges are common.  Below is a link to the Top Ten Productivity Pitfalls with tips to overcome each one.

Top Ten Productivity Pitfalls & How to Avoid Them

If you’re wishing for renewed energy and more growth, reach out.  Every coaching client has achieved significant results.  It’s like having a personal trainer for professional growth.


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